How to ski | 3 reasons for why to ski in autumn 2020

Sunday, 27th of September 2020 in Austria

Waking up this morning and checked the weather, blue sky, the sun is shining, and the snow is covering the mountains. Today it’s been the first time skiing of the season in the Austrian Alps. In the first place, it seemed like Tyrol is the snow centre these days; the conditions provide great skiing; I enjoyed it and highly suggested it to everyone.

My first time skiing of the season; process

Besides, it took me several minutes to get all my ski gear ready, but I managed to find my ski equipment in the basement. Then, I decided to drive up to the Kaunertal glacier; they opened its season on the 26th of September. The glacier reported 40 cm of fresh snow and perfect snow conditions. After a 40-min drive, I reached the top of the glacier and paid a fair price for what you get. I appreciated that, and the first time skiing of the season started.

Dear winter, you presented yourself as incredibly excellent groomers. I could not stop soaking in the energy from the beautiful scenery—great first time skiing of the season. I felt so good and comfortable on skis and did not want to stop skiing.

first time skiing of the season at the Kaunertal Glacier
Impressions of today’s skiing @Kaunertaler glacier

I know many people are wondering now how they deal with Covid-19. So here are what I experienced and what they also share on their website:

Furthermore, the Kaunertal glacier offers more transport opportunities than people can stay in hotels. Therefore, every visitor gets enough space and won’t need to wait in line-ups. Additionally, individual transport via car until the ski lift helps to avoid people’s gatherings. (Please find more details + updates on their website; those are the latest rules from September 2020)

My feedback to the first time skiing of the season

To sum up, I enjoyed the first time skiing of the season at the Kaunertal glacier, Austria, and felt safe during my stay in the ski resort. The people were kind and respectful, and people who forgot to use the mask or buff received a friendly reminder.

first time skiing of the season at Kaunertaler Gletscher
Happy Nina, skiing at Kaunertal glacier

I highly recommend starting skiing early this year. It is the perfect timing as almost no people are skiing, no line-ups, and the sport is fantastic. Skiing makes you smile!

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