3 reasons why to ski tour

3 reasons why to ski tour

What’s the fuzz about ski touring? The new trend sport might be confusing for some of the ski touring newbies out there. I remember once a friend asked me: „Why would I ever want to go on a ski tour if I can get up by lifts and have way more downhills? Ski tourers puzzle me.” Well, with a chuckle, I had to agree on that point. But ski touring is about something else. Let’s look into 3 reasons why to ski tour.

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Freedom in time, place, and style

Ski touring is a very individual sport, which can be practised the way you want it. This will make the sport more fun and key for consistency – ski touring is a sport we cherish and does not force us to stay fit. You decide where, when, and how you want to go on a ski tour. For example, there is no need to walk up the mountain next to the pistes; ski touring is basically about exploring the mountains and going anywhere. You reach places far away from the trouble on pistes – peaceful places and have incredible views. Furthermore, you do not depend on some timetables of mountain railways. Ski tourers hike up any time of the day. If you want to you could also go on a ski tour at night, or for sunrise or even sunset.

Another part of ski touring in which you can decide individually would be ski touring you want to do it in. There are ski tourers that are all about speed and literally race up and down the mountain. Or you could be one of those ski tourers that are upward-oriented and want to go on long hikes. Else you could go on a freeride ski tour. There are so many more possibilities; it is simply about finding your focus – hike or downhill – and your favourite way of doing that. That is also why ski touring works for so many different types of people.

ski touring as stress relief
Nina ski touring and highly motivated

Stress relief

Ski touring is almost like meditating. Hiking up a mountain with a steady breath, surrounded by the sound swallowing winter landscape, you have time to calm down and forget about your sorrow. As a significant reason why to ski tour, I won’t say that it will solve your problems, but you will get a clear head and help you mentally. Once you reached the top and take off the ski skins, pure happiness on the downhill gives you a boost. It gives you a new perspective on what is stressing you – from the mountain top.

Healthy sport

The reason why to ski tour three: Healthy sports besides your mental health is that ski touring improves your physical health. Ski touring demands large muscle groups – especially your leg musculature such as hamstrings and quads, but also glutes are activated with every step. However, you will also gain stamina, and the fresh air flooding your lungs will strengthen your cardiovascular system. Therefore, ski touring benefits you in many ways.

Summed up: 3 reasons why to ski tour

As we have seen now, Ski touring improves your physical and mental health intensively. And you are free to practice the sport when, where, and how you want to. It is a fun sport. And even if my friend is right in having fewer downhills and the prerequisite of performing a hike – ski touring is about freedom, exploring the wild the way you want it to. These 3 reasons why to ski tour at least persuaded my friend in the past. Hopefully, it does you too.

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