5 Effective tips when staying in a hotel

5 effective tips when staying in a hotel

I want to share my thoughts when staying in a hotel. Booking a hotel and getting the most out of it can be quite tough sometimes as the offers of hotels are enormously big and time can be a hustle. Therefore it is good to know why and the purpose of choosing the hotel.

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Why am I sharing?

Why I want to share my personal 5 effective tips when staying in a hotel is because I think it’s relevant. Relevant in a sense to value the time you have. Nowadays, time is valuable. I want to get the most out of every day. Daily business can be stressful and super powerful, and when I choose to take some time off to spend it with close people, then I want to get the full benefit. Moreover, I want to care about myself and my needs to live the life I appreciate.

My mum and I ended up enjoying a one night stay at the hotel, Traube Braz. The hotel is focused on spa, sports, and well known for delicious dinner, and therefore we thought this hotel could be the right choice. It was a beautiful autumn day when we arrived at the place in Braz.

Our main goal was to spend time together and getting away from the daily business. Taking care of ourselves and enjoying every moment.

Mama and I having breakfast at Hotel Traube Braz
Arriving at Hotel Traube Braz

My personal 5 effective tips when staying in a hotel:

  • REDUCE DRIVING HOURS: As our time was short, we decided to choose a hotel which is close to where we are based. Why we stayed in a local hotel was because we didn’t want to spend hours in the car, and we wanted to explore and get to know places close to home. To add on, we cared about our environment and reduced the driving hours.
  • VORARLBERG:  I can tell, driving to Vorarlberg happens very rarely, and as its a province, we both didn’t spend that much time at, therefore we chose the area. What a beautiful scenic road at the Arlbergpass. 1 hour later, we arrived in Braz. Vorarlberg is a secret destination I can tell.
  • HIKING: We arrived early afternoon and decided to hike the direction towards the SCHAFBERG (2400 m). I know the mountain only in the winter as I am guiding around the Arlberg area. The colors around November were simply beautiful. We kept hiking and came quite far. Listening to the silence and observing nature made us focus on our minds.
  • MASSAGE: My mum and I love hanging out in spa areas. It is an addiction, and a spa is a „Must Have“ in a hotel for us. Next to the long hike, we decided to do something good for our mental and physical health and decided to book a back massage. The hotel belongs to a family which owns the hotel for generations and therefore coming to a place with lots of history is fabulous for me. Sharing the time with my mum is a luxurious moment. The hotel offers a vast range of massages and treatments, and the lady who has been responsible for my perfect moment treated me well. Also, I got to enjoy a specially made spa cocktail. What a great idea.
Landscape Vorarlberg
Massage in Hotel Traube Braz
  • DELICIOUS DINNER: The hotel offers terrific dinner, including fine wine choice. Trying out new restaurants is something I appreciate and value it. Due to the excellent wine choice, we ended up drinking a glass of dessert wine at the hotel bar and started chatting with some other guests. Moreover, super lovely and relaxed.
Dinner at Traube Braz
Dinner at Traube Braz

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