How to ski tour | 5 mistakes of ski tour beginners

Are you planning your first ski tour?

Amazing – we love it when people strive out to experience something new. Anyhow, we also see many ski tour beginners making the same mistakes in the beginning. Many of them lose motivation due to their mistakes and subconsciously ruin the fun sport for them. Therefore, we wanted to warn you and show you 5 mistakes of ski tour beginners you can easily avoid.

ski touring Ötztal Alps
First Tracks in 40 Degree steep parts in the Ötztal Alps

Typical Mistake one: Starting without a plan

We get it to – how to ski tour | 5 mistakes of ski tour beginners; you rented or bought your first ski tour set and cannot wait to get outdoors for your first ski tour. Many ski tour beginners have no experience in estimating avalanche risk and weather conditions, which is one of the most important things for going on a ski tour off-piste. They pack their stuff and start hiking somewhere. As you can imagine, this can be dangerous. Therefore, inform yourself about how to rate the conditions outdoor there are many tips on how to do that online. If you are still not a hundred per cent sure on how to do that, it might be worth booking a ski tour with a ski guide. Ask them to show you how to plan a ski tour and discover amazing places with them. They will not only teach you but make it an unforgettable experience showing you amazing places.

Mistakes of ski tour beginners two: Overestimating yourself

Ski touring demands stamina and training. Many beginners force themselves up a hike they are not ready to do yet. They overestimate themselves which is probably the most classic mistake of ski tour beginners. However, this can ruin the fun of going on a ski tour and also be very dangerous. There is no shame in doing some practice hikes along the piste. Find out how strong you are yet – the moment you feel you reached enough exhaustion, take off your ski skins and hop on-piste. You will prepare yourself for the longer ski tours off-piste and get to know yourself and your new equipment.

Typical Mistake three: Peer pressure

Ski touring is a sport many ski tourers practice with friends in a group. And it is more fun, but in a group, there is always one with less stamina and strength than the others. If you find yourself in that position, do not stress and pressure yourself to hike faster than your body can. Overexertion on top of a mountain off-piste is no fun – not for you nor your friends. And maybe they won’t admit it themselves, but a slow one in the group making them take breaks in between might ease them too. So basically this is one of the mistakes of ski tour beginners which is easy to avoid by mindset.

Mistakes of ski tour beginners four: Wrong equipment

Ski touring sets consist of many parts, and there are many different versions of them. How your personal ski touring set looks like depends on the type of ski tourer you are. For example, if you buy a touring ski that is very heavy and you go for rather long hikes, you exhaust yourself to a greater extent for no reason. Please find out more about the perfect equipment in our blogpost about equipment for your first ski tour.

Typical Mistake five: Ruining the fun

We are guilty of it too – we really want to go all-in, no matter what we do, but as a beginner, this might ruin the fun of doing a new sport. Ski touring can also be about enjoyment – simply enjoying nature and celebrating time for yourself. Starting slowly also has benefits for your body, and you will work yourself up gradually in a fun way. Enjoyment is key for consistency.

Summary How to ski tour | 5 mistakes of ski tour beginners

Ski touring is an amazing sport for everyone. It can be enjoyed alone or in groups and benefits you in so many ways. But by starting it without a plan, overestimating yourself, and not preparing well with the right equipment, you might wreck something that could turn out to be your new favourite winter hobby. Please do not risk ruining it for you in the beginning because that’s the way how to throw away many beautiful mountain adventures you could have in the future. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere – there is no shame in doing so slowly.

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