How to ski | 5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor

So you decided to take the adventurous step and acquire a new skill in your winter break. You are determined to start skiing. Or you are an amateur skier already, wanting to beat the red or black pistes finally. Setting such goals is exciting and can be a little frightening too sometimes. You might ask yourself a ton of questions like: “Where exactly do I start? Who helps me with this? Are there any tutorials? Or should I book a ski instructor? Where do I get the best tips from?”. Having a lot of questions, in the beginning, is as natural as the fact that snow falls downwards.

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But don’t you worry, in this article we want to give you 5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor giving you the answers to all the questions from above and more.

1. Learn the right technique fast

The first and probably most obvious of the 5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor in your winter break would be the fact, that only professionals will be able to teach you the right techniques straight away as the quality is an investment in the future you want to approach skiing from the technical side. Acquiring a good technique will not only make sure that you’ll learn skiing faster but also build a sustainable base to improve easier in the future, celebrating success over one cooler and more exciting piste after the other.

A ski instructor will not only teach you how skiing works the right way, but he will also see your struggles to give you hints on how to overcome them and be safe in any situation on the pistes.

2. Being safe on the pistes

For most beginners a skiing area is a plain white jungle, believe us. And as beautiful as it is, there are certain rules to follow to make it fun for everyone, including yourself. Your ski instructor will be the heroic jungle guide teaching you how to behave on pistes to protect yourself and others. Do not worry it is not complicated, but as your ski instructor gets to know you and your skiing style, he might have unique tips no online tutorial will give you. Additionally, he will ski countless pistes with you, teaching you many of those rules by just obeying them. After all, it is learning by doing.

3. Get to know the ski area

What most people do not expect is that your ski instructor is way more than a teacher. One of the most important things he embodies is a guide (think about the jungle guide from before). He will show you as much of the Austrian ski resorts as possible. Sharing his secrets where to ski best, eat best, and après-ski best. Therefore, it is super helpful to book a ski instructor if it is your first time in a new ski resort.

Ski instructors are the insiders of the area. They know all pistes in all weather conditions, all secret slopes, all-mountain restaurants, all après-ski bars, clubs, and all ski lifts. Having such a guide with you all along your winter break will spare you the bother of struggling with confusing maps, insecurity on days with bad weather not seeing the piste in front of you, and finding the right place to fill your tummy after fun hours of skiing.

4. A ski instructor makes it fun

Another person, a ski instructor, embodies, is an entertainer and buddy. As mentioned already, a ski instructor cannot really be compared to a common teacher. He will design lessons according to your wishes – learning to ski is not a strict course you have to take in college, knowing that you will fail if you do not stick to a tight timetable. These are your winter holidays after all – lessons should be fun. Take breaks when you want to and declare your wishes, tell your ski instructor what you would like to do.

What makes it even more fun would be to book a ski instructor for group lessons. Laughing together about first failed attempts will lighten your mood, showing you that it is all part of the progress. You will grow together as a group – grow together as friends, sharing unforgettable winter holidays. This is one of the best reasons why you should book a ski instructor.

5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor | Photographer: Emma Paillex | Source: Unsplash

5. Experts book a ski instructor

Even if you are an amateur skier, it makes sense to book a ski instructor on every part of the way. Even locals, people who ski from the age of three, book ski instructors to improve themselves.

All in all, skiing is a form of art. Just as a painting is never really finished, you can always profit from skiing lessons with a professional. A ski instructor not only teaches how to ski as a beginner, but he also teaches how to ski better. Even if it’s just some sort of fine-tuning lesson, letting an expert having his eye on your technique. You would be surprised by what an extraordinary difference simple adjustments in technique can make. You’ll be able to achieve more and more every slope, getting to know more and more pistes and places with your guide, buddy, teacher on your side. He’ll make it more fun for you, knowing that you’ll get confident in doing every swing.

5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor: To sum up

The bottom line is: dare to book a ski instructor. If you have friends who want to learn how to ski with you in your winter holidays, even better, book one for you as a group. You will see that he will be the answer to a lot of your questions. A ski instructor will teach you how to ski properly, get you down every piste safely, show you the whole ski area, and make it fun. He is a partner that will make your holiday blithe. Hopefully, these 5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor will be enough for you, because sure enough, we would have many more.

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