5 ultimate nutrition tips for skiers | How to ski

When you think about ski vacation, you smell the delicious food, Schnitzel, hot chocolate or other yummy dishes. The restaurants are closed, and that's why the right nutrition for skiers plays an even more important role.

Skiers burn during active skiing between 300 – 600 calories an hour. If you want to know your exact amount, check out that calculator.

In skiing you use muscles you don’t use in everyday life, no matter how much sport you do per week, it is important to eat and drink wisely to follow the right nutrition for skiers.

skiing the arlberg
Ready for skiing?

Relevant nutrition for skiers | Ingredients

When travelling to the alps, you usually expect local food. Not this year, the restaurants are closed, and therefore it is not possible to get Kaiserschmarrn on the piste. Due to the situation, it has become quite normal that we buy our ingredients the day before skiing, to be prepared.

I usually walk into a Spar, I have been cooperating with them, and my family bought groceries there since I was a small kid. Therefore I highly suggest shopping the great offers, local products and the variety.

For breakfast, I suggest the High Protein line. I do love the High Protein cereals with peanut butter. I also like it as a snack after skiing. 🙂 In general, I love eating vegetables and fruits combined with rice and local meat. During the day, I am a kind of nuts person, yoghurt or self-made bars.

I recommend avoiding too much sugar, salt and carbohydrate throughout the day. Keep your food more natural, enjoy the original tastes and care what you eat and drink.

Breakfast choices

I love self-made bowls in the morning. It is the most favourite dish of the day for me, and that's why I really spend time making it and thinking what I could try out or what gives my body the energy I need for the day.

I don't suggest skiing without having a well-made breakfast. Austria is a country with amazing breakfast offers, especially when staying in a beautiful hotel. Usually, breakfast choices are amazing. As they have been grown up in the mountains, they know that nutrition for skiers is relevant to safe and enjoy the ski day.

What I choose for my daily breakfast bowl:

As a base, I usually choose bananas mixed with almond milk and oats. I either mix all and wait a couple of minutes or heat it to make a porridge. I usually add some peanut butter (as I love it) or frozen berries. As mentioned above I love fruits, so I usually add some small chopped strawberries, apples, kiwis and superfoods such as acerola or mixed berries and spirulina (but only a little bit, as the flavour is quite intense). To finish up, I choose the Spar High Protein cereals, including cinnamon or caramelized bananas. Enjoy your breakfast.

If I am ready for a Sunday brunch day, I love to add self-made smoothies, raw coconut balls and cinnamon buns. I made that for my friends when I was living in Stockholm.

nutrition for skiers
Nina spends hours creating the perfect breakfast.

To add up, I love the Austrian way of having breakfast, especially poached or scrambled eggs. I like to top it up with cresses, chives and avocados and fresh homemade bread. If you can finish all that amazing food, you are for sure ready for a great skiing day.

If you are curious about how to ski, download your free book here.

nutrition for skiers, breakfast at the Schmelzhof in Lech
Homemade breakfast just before skiing

Additionally, you could just go by gondola to the top of the mountain and enjoy breakfast with a view. Together with Franzi from @swissmountainview, we went all the way up on the Schilthorn-Mürren enjoying delicious breakfast with an amazing view. See the result here.

Lunchtime on the go

When planning to ski, it is important to eat a proper breakfast to not feel hungry until the evening or take some snacks. The relevant nutrition for skiers is important to provide the best for your body and mind.

As a ski guide, I am used not to eat much during the day. I like to bring a small bottle of water and some nuts or cliff bars with me.

If you are not that long out in nature, I suggest getting you some self-made sandwiches, nuts and chocolate with you. As mentioned in the ultimate-ski article, studies have shown that your body needs some carbohydrate and small amounts of protein during skiing to help minimize the muscle damage from the day, compared to snacking throughout the mountain. Read the entire article here.

I have been experiencing that when I eat a proper breakfast and then during my ski tour, I start after a short time of walking eating small pieces of my snacks I feel more energized after reaching the top than without consuming anything during the tour. So be creative when packing for your ski day or ski tour.

Do you want to plan the perfect ski tour? Get the insights here.

I guess you are wondering now why I mention chocolate?

It is always important to have some sugar in the backpack if somebody gets injured the first aid you can do pushing this person with a piece of chocolate. So it's for sure a safety product, but it also feels amazing to enjoy a piece of chocolate after reaching the top of the ski tour or skiing amazing turns on piste.

nutrition for skiers clif bar
Me and my @clifbar

Find deeper knowledge about nutrition for skiers on Gazelle Nutrition Lab – Top 4 Nutrition Tips for Alpine skier.

Hydration as part of nutrition for skiers

The most important thing when skiing or ski touring is to get enough hydration. The days out in the mountains can be quite long and intense. To avoid any problems with your cardiovascular system, drink as much as you feel you need.

I like to drink the day before skiing or ski touring quite a lot of water and tea. In the morning, I keep drinking quite a lot to provide as much liquid for my body as possible. When skiing or being out in nature, I try to take sips now and then (regularly).

I have been testing intensely how I feel best when ski touring, and I realized that my body needs small sips during the tour or skiing rather than stoping every 1 Hour with a big sip.

For me, the hydration is relevant nutrition for skiers as food. People tend to forget to drink regularly to keep the body hydrated.

What are you drinking during a ski tour?

I like to drink either tea or water during my time in the mountains. Depending on the intensity of my ski day, I mix the self-made syrup with tab water.

Take breaks

Spending the day outdoors, the body needs some breaks during your ski tour or intense skiing day. I found the perfect spot for having a break during my ski tour in the alps. The view was incredible, and the place special. It’s been quiet; I could hear the birds and enjoyed the Spar High Protein Caffe Latte.

When enjoying the scenery

Give your body what the body gives you. Care about your body as its the only one you have. Breaks are important to calm down your body and mind. Soak in the energy and drink to stay hydrated. Eat some small bites of your snack bar and rest.

The nutrition for skiers starts by accepting your limits and understanding of breaks, hydration and smart food. Do not overestimate yourself, avoid bad food such as salt, too much sugar and heavy food. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, rather drink more water, tea.

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