“It is about the luxurious moments of life. The instants of happiness. I am thankful to be able to experience that with you.”

The project “Skiwithnina” is made with passion by Nina Gigele. She wants to engage and connect with like-minded people. It’s is a safe place focusing on outdoors, sports, and lifestyle, especially the love towards skiing, and biking are essential topics of skiwithnina.fun. My mission is to interact with people who share the same desire because life is about joyful moments to capture and experience. I want to make you satisfied and offer you this place to get motivated, energized, and full of positive power to rock your life. 

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ambassador of @exploristas – an austrian initiative to enhance women through outdoor sport. 


About Nina Gigele


I am a 29 y/o Austrian woman with a strong passion for ski and outdoor sports. Due to my background as a professional athlete, I always had very ambitious aims and valued motivation. Through my injury, which stopped me from competing, I learned a lot about myself. To push myself to where I am nowadays, I had to deal with lots of Ups and Downs, worked on my mental strength and positive energy.

While finishing university with the best grades, I focused on becoming highly educated as a ski coach, ski instructor, and ski guide. I got offered a couple of model jobs, so therefore I realized this could be a great opportunity and became a frequently booked model with the target in sports, action, and commercial. I worked for Mercedes Benz, GoPro, and many other brands. Meanwhile, I started to work for my dads’ company and made it to become one of the most relevant high tech outdoor and workwear distribution companies in Europe.


Since I started traveling by the age of 16, I have been visiting 40 countries and moved to Canada, New Zealand, and Stockholm. Due to a request from Audi in 2017 to promote their event, I started writing this blog, and since then, it has been a fantastic journey. In Stockholm, I understood my talent as a digital creative and graduated from the renowned University Hyper Island.

Trust me, living the life between skiing, traveling, and being a businesswoman is seriously the best thing ever. I loved every single minute by turning my hobby into my job, and I am still overwhelmed and sometimes scared by all of the phenomenal opportunities I get.

I am thankful for the luxurious experiences I gained in the last years, all the fabulous people who support me, and where I am now. It is time to move on, and I am super excited about what the future brings. Stay tuned!