Arlberg: The Ski In and Ski Out Mooser Hotel

Many people ask me about my suggestion of a perfect hotel in St Anton am Arlberg. There are a lot of different hotels, and many are outstanding. 

Arlberg: The Ski in and Ski Out Mooser Hotel

I recently stayed in the Mooser Hotel, located just behind the world-famous Mooserwirt in St Anton am Arlberg. This beautiful, build boutique hotel made my stay incredible. Stunning moments ahead. The Mooser Hotel offers the „SKI-IN and SKI-OUT“ opportunity as the piste towards the Galzig Bahn passes the hotel. 


Simply a dream

It felt like being a princess in my private castle and waking up with a view towards a forest, trees covered with lots of snow and surrounded by silence. What a moment, that’s how to start a day. Silence, Satisfaction, merely focusing on the moment. Enjoying the breakfast with a stunning view of the freshly prepared slopes of St Anton am Arlberg. Like a delicious Austrian breakfast, local and handmade products. Freshly made eggs and warm bread. Juices, coffee, hot chocolate, even Prosecco – everything that is needed.

Getting ready to rock the slopes

It’s quite easy to be the first ON PISTE of St Anton am Arlberg, as the hotel based next to the slopes. I was putting on my ski boots, taking the skis and walking out of the hotel. It takes 10 seconds and the ski day starts. Everyone is talking about the best winter ever. Crazy amounts of snow, the Austrian mountains are fully covered by snow. Skiing an entire day around the Arlberg area can be exhausting, as its a huge area to ski at. On a sunny day, skiing till the lifts are closing is a must, especially when staying at a hotel where it’s easy to SKI IN after an epic day.

The comfiest option is, getting the sweaty clothes quickly off and changed to a perfect APRES SKI Outfit – and then sneaking through a door from the Mooser Hotel to the Mooserwirt. VOILA, APRES SKI LETS START.

Spa Deluxe

Back in the hotel room, getting ready for some relaxing hours in the Spa. Wearing the bathrobe of the hotel is simply a dream. What an excellent quality, cozy moments. Didn’t really want to take it off. The best part for me is jumping into the snow after having a nice sauna session. We had much fun, hanging out in the outdoor pool while snowing. The snowflakes were dropping on my skin and immediately swapped into water drops.

What a special moment, especially when enjoying the silence and nature of straight from the hotel spa in St Anton am Arlberg. Perfect relaxation after having an excellent skiing day and an exciting dinner ahead.

Exclusive Moments while having dinner

We were getting severed the best Austrian wines, combined with delicious food made by the star chef of the Mooser Hotel. The best, the son of the house was serving us and listening to our great stories of today’s skiing. We got an entrée; I choose the fish for the main dish and some traditional “Kaiserschmarrn “to finish up the fantastic dinner.

Rewarded with a beautiful view, gorgeous St Anton lightened up during the night. I would say that the most special place to be watching the moon and the nightlife of St Anton from above.

To sum up, the boutique hotel offers view nice hotel rooms, quite a big, cozy and traditional style, the service is phenomenal, Marlies is welcoming you at the front desk and a fantastic view while having the best dinner – I do love fantastic food as you might know already. The Spa is just fantastic as its great after a long skiing day. The Ski In and Ski Out opportunity is unique.

I hope my post is helpful for your choice to stay in St Anton am Arlberg. Want to know more, click here.

Photocredits: Nina Gigele

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