Back on skis – How to start the winter season

Are you ready for the winter and still looking for the right hotel during your ski trip? In the following article I share my highlights of the hotels in Austria. 

Are you ready to be back on skis – How to start the winter season!

Worldcup in Sölden happened the past weekend, and I thought its a perfect start of my winter season. So what happened during this weekend and how it felt to be back on skis. Want to get a comparison between this season and last season – check out how I started my ski season last year, here.

I am still focusing on how to adapt and build up consistency with my morning routine. I was trying to keep on track during my stay in Sölden. If you are not aware of my Morning Routine or exciting to read my thoughts about it, then you should check out my latest blog post about it. The blogpost included a checklist where you can test yourself. I found it quite funny to check myself as it’s easy to lose track.

My Morning Routine – Check yourself


Able to keep up with my morning routine?

I was not sure how it would be during my stay in Sölden to keep up with my morning routine, and I would say 50 % I could make it and 50 % I lost track due to too many things going on.

Hotel Tyrolerhof in Sölden

The place I was staying was right in downtown Sölden, and the hotel is called Hotel Tyrolerhof. The location of this beautiful hotel is insane. I could not believe how easy it is to go to meet people but also to go by bus to the glacier. Right in front of the hotel, the bus to the glacier was leaving. Usually, it’s about a 30 to 40-minute drive up to the Rettenbach Glacier.

I arrived on Thursday night, and my room was on the 4th floor. The hotel is super cozy. I spend some time in the spa, which I enjoyed. Especially after busy workdays, it feels good to relax. I highly recommend the dinner, as the opportunity was insane. 

BOOK YOUR STAY NOW. It’s worth trying out when you plan to be in Sölden.

I made Yoga on the terrace

One of the best moments for me was when I could do my yoga workout on the terrace on the roof of the hotel. It felt awesome, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and I had to entirely focus on my inner strength to not lose track, as the place I did my yoga session what quite exciting.

Check out the video I made to start your yoga session now.

Back on skis – how to start the winter season

How did I feel?

The first day back on, skis felt awesome. I love it so much, but every time I am the first day on skis, I am also quite nervous, and usually, I ask myself: How will it go? How will I feel? Am I going to be as good as the year before? Lots of questions. When I am then on skis and do my first turns, it feels incredible. There are no more words to add, except it is pure enjoyment.

Current Snow Conditions in Sölden

The snow conditions in Sölden are quite good for the beginning of November. They made lots of artificial snow, although the pistes are perfectly groomed, and at some parts, its quite icy, which means the skiing level has to be high to perform well. Check out Sölden weather to see more, in case you plan your skiing trip soon.

My Winterequipment 2019/20

I chose to ski on my Rossignol Master Ski with the Length of 180 cm and a radius of 21 m. I just love the ski, the performance and finesse of the ski is fabulous. This ski is the most used ski for me, I use it on piste but also in off piste or during difficult conditions. I want to perform in a great way and this ski supports me to do so.

I totally understand that its super difficult to find the right skis, boots, goggles and much more. To help you buy the right products I do created my personal suggestion for the upcoming winter.

My personal winter equipment 2019/20 – check it out soon.

I had a fabulous weekend and I just can recommend it to everyone, take your skis and enjoy life!


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