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Road cycling: 25 routes in Upper Austria

Are you planning your next road cycling trip and you are not sure where you want to travel to? Did you think about the province Upper Austria? I checked out: road cycling: 25 routes in Upper Austria. Its right in the middle of Austria and there are view secret spots for road cyclists. Are you […]

Homemade food tips during CORONA

What do you eat when staying at home? Should I cook three times a day? OH MY GOD. I am sharing my homemade food tips during Corona #corona #covid19, as I think it’s relevant to eat still healthy. Although I am not eating three times a day, a full meal, it would be way too much for me. […]


How to feel fit, even if CORONA stops us from our daily sports routine

Coronavirus is currently the reason why we have to stay at home and avoid social contact with people. #corona #COVID19 Though staying at home does not mean to panic and feeling bad. Conversely, I find it excited, and there are amazing opportunities to grow as a person. How to feel fit even if CORONA stops us […]


Want to know more about my Morning Routine – find the details here. The article YOGA FOR SKIERS is focusing on how to use YOGA to help to improve your skills in skiing. I do like yoga for a couple of years as I started it during my back issues, and I never really stopped […]

Back to nature @ Alpegg Chalet in Waidring

TRADITION. HEIMAT Are you curious about traditional home stories, read this article.  We were driving in between snow storms to a lovely village, Waidring in Tirol, and arriving in front of a cozy looking chalet called Alpegg Chalet. Roland, the owner of the chalets, welcomed us warmly. The long traveling day made me feel tired and […]

My grandparents talking about their life.


My grandparents are role models.  Why read below: #heimatverbunden #grandparents #outdoorlover #learnings #inspiration #4lifetimetips 4 TIPS TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE INSPIRED BY MY GRANDPARENTS As a suggestion, I’d like you to introduce you to my latest blog post about my learnings in leadership here. One take away from the beginning to spend time with my […]

My morning routine for a healthy lifestyle

My morning routine for a healthy lifestyle – check yourself here? How can you adapt your morning routine that makes you happy? Especially during CORONA and the fact you have to stay at home, the morning routine becomes even more essential and opens up a great chance to try out several opportunities. Furthermore, a healthy […]