How to ski | Find ski boots that fit!

Ski boots are for me the most important equipment when considering starting skiing. Why? In the first place to find ski boots that fit is not the easiest thing. In the worst case, you wear a ski boot which does not include; you won’t enjoy skiing. The golden rule within choosing the right ski boots is finding the ski boot that works in terms of length, width, and flex.

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Find ski boots that fit: Different types.

Generally speaking, the industry offers different ski boots depending on your ski level and type of foot. Not every ski boot fits everyone.

There are special boots for women, men, and kids. Also, you choose the stiffness of the boot, called flex. In essence, to find ski boots that fit, you should be aware of the different types of ski boots:

All-mountain boots

All-mountain boots are considered the most sold ones as they are perfect for every type of ski level. The boot is great to use on-piste but allows to ski off-piste too.

Race boots

The race boot is stiff and tight to provide the best connection between the foot, boot, binding, and ski. Excellent for control on piste but impractical for climbing mountains.

Freeride boots

The free-ride boot is usually stiffer than the touring boot and includes a walking mode for short-distance hiking. Both of those ski boots usually come with a Vibram sole for better grip on snow and rocks.

Boots to use for ski touring

The industry provides several types of ski boots, depending on your needs. For example, you find a ski touring boot, a boot that includes a walking mode for ascending mountains.

All things considered, finding ski boots that fit, you have to test several ones to be sure to choose the right one. Take your time when to be sure to buy a ski boot.

What size do I need to find ski boots that fit?

To find the right ski boot when starting how to ski, I highly suggest going to the sports shop and try them on. The experts know what you meant the size of the ski boot would be.

You get the chance to test several models, and usually, the professionals do provide the newest technological innovations in the field of ski boots.

Ski boot flex

What is a ski boot flex? Well, it’s considered the most individual thing when it comes to ski boots. The goal is to find a ski boot that fits you as a person. The ski boot should allow you to move your jumping angle as you have to bend your legs to turn.

Every ski boot does have special size and flex. The ski boot manufacturers suggest the flex. The golden rule says, as higher the number the stiffness of the boot. Although not the number is essential when considering finding a ski boot. It is the interaction of your personal ski skills, the flexibility of your angle, and the boot's fitting.

As mentioned before, ski boot manufacturers suggest a certain number on each ski boot, which should guide you to the right one.

Soft Flex vs Hard Flex

A soft flex enables you high comfort when wearing a ski boot. Conversely, a stiff flex boot provides you with more opportunities to ski faster and more connected with your skis through the binding.

Ski boot fitting

If you consider buying a ski boot, I highly suggest choosing an expert. Experts provide the newest technical skills to fit the boot for your needs individually.

You find my personal boot fitter in the following article. (in the middle of the text)

Additionally, I suggest the following boot fitter I got to know during my professional career as a ski racer.

I only know boot fitter based in Austria:

How to put ski boots on?

Putting ski boots on consider steps to follow.

First of all, wear socks, which are made for skiing. Never wear base layer pants over the ski socks. The base layer pant should stop where the ski boot starts. So let’s say, the base layer pant should cover the knee. Wear the ski socks almost towards the knee.

As a next step open all buckles of the boot. Then help yourself to open the boot and try to step in with your foot. As a tip, try to keep the boots indoors overnight. As warmer the boot is as more effortless, it is to put it on.

In a word, you made it. Congrats you are wearing your boots the first time. Given these points, start walking around and get used to the ski boots. Always close the buckles when not wearing the ski boots.

Watch the following video to learn how to put ski boots on.

How to put ski boots on

Find ski boots that fit: To sum up.

In the final analysis to find ski boots that fit can be crucial due to many opportunities. I hope the video helped you understand how to put on the ski boots correctly. In a word consider wearing the base layer and ski socks correctly.

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