Healthy tips to stay fit during autumn and winter

Healthy tips to stay fit during autumn and winter

This article healthy tips to stay fit during autumn and winter shares help you to keep your energy during the cold months. Why? Staying fit, active, and energized to succeed in your daily life challenges only works with a functional body and mind. Especially during those difficult times when COVID-19 stressed many people, it’s even more relevant to focus on yourself rather than getting depressed. In post-COVID times, people have to provide more performance, which affetcs your body.

The post is focused on LADIES as the treatments are only for LADIES, although as a men who loves a lady, read it and share it as much as possible. Every lady should experience and know about the suggestion.

Did you have a busy summer as I had? No time for any vacation, lots of paper- or digital work to keep track? Do you slowly feel you need to digest and re-energize? Are you curious about tips on how to stay fit during autumn and winter?

At least that’s how I felt the last weeks—lots of extra hours of work, no time to come down. The only time I took time for myself and re-energized was during my workout and sports sessions. I mainly do sport outdoors after sitting hours of hours in front of a computer; I usually feel the cold air in my face.

The days are getting colder and shorter, which means winter is on its way, which I honestly love. Unfortunately, although the change in temperature and weather supports depression, motivating yourself to be active gets more challenging.

stay fit with a healthy breakfast
Jana having breakfast – the building was built around 1900

Healthy tips to stay fit during autumn and winter

During that time, I always follow some healthy steps to take care of my health and fitness. I don’t want to miss any energy during winter or feel sick.

My steps usually start when it gets colder. This means I start by not stopping by doing short running, hiking, or biking sessions followed by workout or yoga flows.

My healthy tips:

  • Keep on workout even if it’s cold.
  • Eat healthily and avoid and trash such as sugar, fat, bad carbs, …
  • Don’t only go on a wellness retreat – it will work but won’t last long.

I suggest taking some days off, for example, three days, to experience the great programs at the “La Pura 4 star superior Women’s health resort” in Kamptal, Lower Austria.

A wellness weekend is simply not enough to provide women with the relaxation they need, and to keep them slim and attractive, fit and free of complaints. We need a retreat that is more than a good wellness hotel. That is why la pura, Europe’s only health resort just for women, is custom-tailored to women’s needs in every way. A women-only four-star superior resort that combines health and feeling good. University professor Dr. med. Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, Professor for Gender-Specific Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, has developed a female-specific concept that is followed by all of la pura’s employees every day. In Gars am Kamp, amid the pure nature of the Austrian Waldviertel region. (La Pura)

Why should that be better, you probably ask yourself now?

La Pura 4 start superior Women’s health resort

It’s been the first time for me this October 2020 to experience the La Pura women’s health resort, and I had no clue what I would get. However, I knew I wanted to stay fit during autumn and winter. Sure they tell you all the program details, but still, it is difficult to say if it will help you or not.

My sister and I arrived late at night after a long drive. The receptionist welcomed us warmly, and we felt immediately home. The room is beautiful, and the bed invites fantastic dreams.

We woke up and enjoyed the delicious breakfast. Depending on the program you choose, the food is adjusted to your needs, and everything is freshly made. As it’s a women’s only resort, you are allowed to enjoy breakfast and lunch in your bathrobe. Furthermore, you get the option to drink detox teas the entire day. We will definitely consider those healthy tips to stay fit during autumn and winter.

to stay fit during autumn and winter a healthy breakfast is essential
delicious and healthy breakfast

My program

Three days detox light included the following:

Three days full pension, which means detox breakfast (and the breakfast is insane, especially the freshly made avocado bread, fresh smoothies, and cinnamon rice pudding), lunch (loved the vegan bowl), and dinner (either chose the 4-course menu or the light detox version)

La Pura Women’s resort offers also the F.X. Mayr treatment on medical support. Read more about it here.

Additionally, they share their knowledge about why you do what and how to eat, behave, work out, and much more. Perfect if you want to stay fit during autumn and winter.

The detox program helps you to ballast and feel lighter and better. La Pura developed this program for women because everyday habits regarding nutrition and stress can overextend our metabolism.  During the treatment, targeted measures can help the female body eliminate hazardous substances. In addition, the special diet will inspire us to live a healthier lifestyle. Find more details about the positive effects.


  1. Individual health coaching
  2. Cycling session around the wine route Kamptal towards Krems a der Donau (Wachau) – we had such a great time, especially the beautiful weather, and the wine farmer just collected the grapes.
  3. Cell gym
  4. Relaxing hours in the spa
  5. Dinner


  1. Morning stretch session (they offer free workout sessions the entire day)
  2. Beautiful breakfast
  3. Vinoble sea salt & grape seed whole body peel
  4. Lunch (vegan bowl) and detox tea + delicious healthy cakes
  5. Detox massage
  6. Short cycling session and hike towards the castle Gars am Kamp.
  7. Spa
  8. Dinner

The Kamptal area is a beautiful spot for all wine lovers, read more here.


  1. Breakfast as usual
  2. Foot reflexology
  3. Lunch
  4. Departure

Furthermore, the doctors help you with nutritional supplements such as vitamins, zinc, and more during the cold months.

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Why it’s essential to read the article about healthy tips to stay fit during autumn and winter?

In general, their professionalism is a reason why I wrote that blog post. People should know about the opportunity we have in Austria. Such a treatment resort is rare but needed for all of us during the crazy and fast growth of everything in life.

The La Pura Women’s resort building exists since the 1920s, and “Willy Dungl” used to run that resort as a health treatment. Lots of celebs such as Steffi Graf and Falco staying in the resort. Around 2007 the Vamed Vitality World bought the empty building and opened its kind Women’s health resort.

For me, it is essential to stay fit during autumn and winter. I am always in search of new ways to learn about my body and mind. I also find it relevant to get tips from professionals.

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