Homemade food tips during CORONA

What do you eat when staying at home? Should I cook three times a day? OH MY GOD. I am sharing my homemade food tips during Corona #corona #covid19, as I think it’s relevant to eat still healthy. Although I am not eating three times a day, a full meal, it would be way too much for me. My suggested recipes or ideas I am going to cook the next days are to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and let spread your creativity.

Why am i sharing my food tips?

When sitting at home, I do love to cook, especially when sharing Dinner with my siblings. It is simply more fun to enjoy Dinner with family and friends. Furthermore, I find it helpful to read different food blogs to get some new ideas to try out new dishes.




Did you feel tired the past days or did you have a lot of pressure and stress the past weeks. During the CORONA “Stay at home” modi its a great time to fully focus on your digestion. A week of detoxing – currently best timing to do that. If you are deciding to detox, you should have in mind the following points: 

What is a Smoothie Treatment? 

During a Smoothie treatment you only drink food. A treatment of 3-5 days helps the body to eliminate toxins. It helps the organism, loosing weight, clean skin and supports your hair. Through the treatment the body can take a rest. 

For whom it is? 

I would say it is for everybody who wants to give something good to the body. Although people with heart diseases should maybe ask the doctor before starting. 

How often should I do the treatment? 

The first time start with a three day treatment and extend it to maximal 7 days in a row. Which means you can vary the duration. Its also possible to iterate the treatment after 6-8 weeks. 


VITALITY is key when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. 

I am a breakfast bowl lover as it makes it possible to eat lots of healthy products in a delicious way together. That bowl is just one of millions of different opportunities. And the best thing is just throwing everything together it will look amazing. 🙂 

For me the key ingredients in a bowl are: 

  • Porridge or homemade granola 
  • Fruits 
  • Peanutbutter 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Acai or other Superfoods 


This is one of my most favourite risotto I have ever made. I got the recipe from our SPAR Blog event in Vienna, where Tici Kaspar was introducing us to her life of cooking. 


personal statement

These are only three different ideas of what to eat during the time at home. I would have a lot of more ideas of what to cook and eat, but I thought less is more. You will have entire days of DETOXING; breakfast bowls are possible to make with all the ingredients you currently have at home. Additionally, I put the leftovers from the risotto into the freezer and use it now and then. 

MY MOST FAVOURITE BREAKFAST BOWL EVER could also be included in my homemade food tips during corona. 

@carina_berry just launched her cooking course, which could be a a great opportunity during the situation to improve skills. Please find all further details about her course on her website. 

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