Life of a ski instructor | How to become a ski instructor?

Do you want to work in a ski school?

In this blog article, I will tell you how to become a ski instructor in Austria. Be aware of the modifications in every country as the education and regulations for every level might differ. In Austria, there are certain levels of a ski instructor; the higher the level of education, the better of a skier one must be to pass the exams. The following lines will give you a short overlook of the process of getting to work in a ski school. Subsequently, a link to the education and course facts is provided.

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Level 1 Anwärter in how to become a ski instructor

Working as a ski instructor and teaching the “Anwärter” (Level 1) is the first step or level to overcome. It is a one-week course, and if you pass, you can start applying to a ski school. Usually, you’ll get to teach beginners and kids with this level of education as you don’t have a lot of experience.

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How to ski guide manual

Level 2 Landeslehrer in how to become a ski instructor

After achieving the “Anwärter” as well as working as such, the “Landesskilehrer” (Level 2) is the second level or, let’s say, the following education that comes up. Therefore you need more skills and a bit of training as it’s not only about technique, but you also have to ski through gates or a racecourse. This education is separated into more stages, including the Anwärter, an alpine education, the snowboard instructor level 1, and training in telemark and other alpine trend sports.

And the following levels to work in a ski school

The last and uppermost education resembles the highest international level in this field. There you have to take part in the Diploma/Graduate ski instructor course throughout one whole winter season separated into distinct course blocks. In addition, a further snowboard instructor qualification is needed, a comprehensive alpine education and the “Euro-test”. The latter is a giant slalom racecourse on time. Once all these milestones are completed, you can call yourself a state-certified ski instructor and an excellent skier.

Here is the link to find any further information concerning Austria’s ski school education plan: Vorarlberger Ski Team

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