How to feel fit, even if CORONA stops us from our daily sports routine

Coronavirus is currently the reason why we have to stay at home and avoid social contact with people. #corona #COVID19 Though staying at home does not mean to panic and feeling bad. Conversely, I find it excited, and there are amazing opportunities to grow as a person. How to feel fit even if CORONA stops us from our daily sports routine. There are a lot of things to do when being isolated. 

People are getting scared since the Austrian government asked all inhabitants to stay at their homes. Strict measures are applied to fight against Corona. We love to go out and spent time in nature and live an active lifestyle with sports such as skiing, ski touring, cycling, hiking, and much more. Nonetheless, there are alternatives to focus on when being isolated. 

Say stop to back pain! 

Show Solidarity

I am an outdoor enthusiast. I love doing sports such as skiing, ski touring, cycling, trail running, and much more. Although I would like to show solidarity for those who are infected, imagine it would be me who is infected and isolated. Think about the people who don’t feel well is a reason for showing solidarity. We have tons of opportunities to be active when staying at home. Just start thinking about yourself and you in person and become creative again. 

How to feel fit even if CORONA stops us from our daily sports routine. Curious about the current updates and news – I listed you the most relevant news I found: 

  • STAY AT HOME – Furthermore, Id like to engage everybody who is still out ski touring, cycling, or anything else – please stay at home and show solidarity but also to avoid any further accidents. Read Lawinetirol for further details. 

Personal Reflection

It is a great way to focus on yourself entirely. Ask yourself several questions about your life, relationship, job, short and longterm goals, worries, weaknesses. Therefore I created a list with questions to ask yourself: 

Personal Reflection Questions to yourself Download the document when following the link

How to feel fit?

How to feel fit even if CORONA stops us from our daily sports routine. Wellbeing is essential, and sometimes I am sure lots of people do have the same issues as I have. After sitting for ages my back, and my entire core feels sore without doing much. Lack of movements and missing workouts due to great convenience can cause health problems. Usually, the cause would be, “I don’t have time for doing sports right now.” Due to the CORONA #CORONA #COVID19, you don’t need to say that any longer. You have got plenty of time to find at least 20 – 60 Minutes in your daily routine to focus on your well being and do some workouts. Check out the blog post about my morning routine. 

Home workout ideas

Since I am back in Austria, I do a workout at home quite often. How to feel fit even if CORONA stops us from our daily sports routine. CORONA #CORONA #COVID19 forces us to stay home. I am even more focused to keep following my home workouts. I created that blog post to share my workout tips, especially during a period where back pain is a constant issue. The selected blog posts could be relevant in times of now when staying at home. Check them out. 

CONCEPT NO 1: Focus on Back pain relief

Since the end of February, I do have my first fully snipped disc problem. Sorry for not sharing it immediately on my social media platforms, but I wanted to focus on myself entirely. For those who didn’t know it, I had a bad injury when I was a racer, and since then, I do have troubles with my back. I already had several issues on my back, spine, ISG joint, and that’s why I knew my body very well and wanted to give a break my body needed. Find out more about me here. 


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What is mobilisation? 

The goal of mobilisation is to conserve and restore the range of motion within the joints and the activation of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Furthermore the mobilisation is a great way to warm up your body. Due to several exercises and the resulting loading and relief increases the renewal of synovial fluid. The synovial fluid together with the articular cartilage are shock absorber for joint bones. Therefore regularly workouts and a healthy nutrition and mental strength are preventive agains joint diseases. Find more information here (although the article is in German) 


  1. Cat Cow until neutral on all-fours position
  2. Move legs from one side to the other on all-fours position, head faces opposite side 
  3. Lying on the back and rotate the hip 
  4. Lying on the back and pelvis tips slightly forward 
  5. Lying on the back and pull one leg towards the ears 


Perform slowly, no rush and stop as soon as its hurting 

Static Core Exercises

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Back pain causes several different problems and the worst would be to overstimulate the inflammation of back pain and snipped disc. Therefore I only chose exercises helping me to recover faster. 

Static exercises 

  1. Relax on back, inhale and during exhale strengthen your core muscles
  2. Plank  
  3. Side plank (both sides) 
  4. Bird Dog on all-fours position left and right 
  5. On the forearm bridge (tone your core) 


  • Start with 10 seconds of each exercise, if you are more advanced increase the intensity
  • 1st exercise focus on the forward rotation of the pelvis and avoid a gap between body and mat. For me quick exhalations help me to fully get the tension in my core. 
  • Plank exercise I always try to focus on my inhalation and strong exhalation helps me to tone my core. 

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Stretching is important to keep the mobility and flexibility of the muscles.  People tend to sit and barely move after a long day in the office, therefore stretching helps to mobilise your muscles but its also a great opportunity to relax and stress relief. 


  1. Stretch buttock and tights 
  2. Stretch inner tights and hip 
  3. Stretch back muscle and outer pectorals
  4. Stretch back muscle, outer pectorals and abdominal muscles 
  5. Stretch Iliopsoas  (Note: If you bring head towards chest the stretch gets more intense) 


Use a comfortable mat or even in the bed before sleeping you can do your stretching everywhere and also how long you want. I always try to keep it a little longer even I feel the tone already. 


How to feel fit even if CORONA stops us from our daily sports routine. I hope the ideas and videos could help you during a difficult time. I do have two more concepts in mind. I want to share it with you in the next days. Stay tuned. Find more info and updates on my Instagram Account

The following combination of exercises is made by myself, my trusted coaches at Medalp Imst. Furthermore, I was also researching online about updates and news towards back pain and its reliefs. Therefore I would also like to source the following websites: +