How to ski | 5 tips why to learn to ski in the Alps

To begin with, people asked where the best place to learn to ski in the Alps is? Why the Alps, some of you may be asking. I grew up in the Austrian Alps. Therefore I skied my entire life in the Alps.

Why learn to ski in the Alps?

The Alps are 1200 m long and are the most extensive mountain range in the middle of Europe. The Alps covers the following countries: France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia. Please find more details about the alps here.

The Alps are easy to reach by the following airports: Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Lyon. However, especially if you are looking to ski in Austria, I recommend the airport Munich and Zurich to travel to.

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Learn to ski near Munich or near Zurich there are a lot of different ski resorts you can go to. However, if you are a ski beginner at this instant, I suggest choosing not the biggest and most famous ski resort to start with, as it can be pretty tricky and crowded to learn to ski in the Alps.

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skiing in the alps is the best
Photographer: Quenten Janssen | Source: Unsplash

My personal five tips to learn to ski in the Alps

My tip No 1: Learn to ski in the Alps

In conclusion, as a ski beginner, you want to have easy access to facilities, ski resorts and lifts, therefore I suggest choosing smaller ski resorts close to the airports you come from. Forthwith, small ski resorts usually focus on ski beginners, making your ski holiday easier and comfortable.

Choose small ski resorts.

My tip No 2:

In effect, you want to learn to ski and don’t know anything about it. If that’s me, I will choose an affordable ski resort. In a word selecting a ski resort that offers all the needs, you have as a ski beginner is smart. Additionally, it should be affordable if you did not enjoy it; you don’t feel like it’s been a waste of money.

Choose an affordable ski resort.

My tip No 3:

In a word, you are travelling to the Alps to learn to ski; I highly suggest renting the gear in the resort. Given these points, the ski shops in the ski resorts provide new rental ski gear. Furthermore, they help you find the right ski equipment for you to learn skiing.

Find the best ski equipment in the ski resorts

My tip No 4:

On balance, learning to ski in the Alps is an excellent advantage as you will get the opportunity to learn from the best ski instructor in the world. The ski instructor who went through the associations of Austria, France, Switzerland, or Italy is fully certified and will teach you a high level of quality.

In essence, you want to learn the most during your ski holiday; I suggest booking a ski instructor working in a ski school. They show you the most relevant tricks and tips to become a skier.

Learn from a ski instructor

My tip No 5:

I love to ski in the alps is. Hence I love the historical background of each country and ski resort. Generally speaking, I do appreciate excellent hospitality, including local food. The traditional and historical opportunities you get in the alps are phenomenal.

Amazing hospitality

Nina skiing in Zürs

I hope the article supported your decision to learn how to ski in the Alps. Please read the following article to get more details about how to ski.

Photos by Sindy Crawford for Rossignol; Skier: Nina Gigele