How to ski manual – free download

The book for all who want to learn how to ski manual -free download.

I am overwhelmed by the feedback I already received. Thanks for the lovely feedback addressing the how-to ski book I wrote for all skiers and ski beginners who want to improve their skiing and look for an essential guide book helping to start their next ski trip.


It does not matter how old you are; starting to ski is never too late. Through the feedback I received during my SKIERS AFTER WORK Events in Munich and Vienna last autumn (2019), I thought let’s help them start skiing.

Now it’s autumn 2020, winter is about to come, it’s been snowing already 4 times in Austria, and it is the perfect time to read about skiing. Learn the very first steps to start learning how to ski and grow as a person and in skiing. Get the how-to ski book now.

How-to ski book for you available now on my website

What does how to ski book include:

  • Tips for beginner
  • When is the best time to start skiing
  • How to prepare
  • Which equipment you should use
  • First steps on snow
  • and much more

Why I wrote the how to ski guide manual – free download

Since the events I held last autumn, I never forgot the person from India who inspired me. He came to visit the event as he wanted to connect with people. He intended to learn to ski, and before that, he has never been to a ski resort. I wanted to help him, but due to the busy times over winter and Corona, we never made it. I thought I’d like to give him some inspiration and wrote that book. It should help everybody who needs inspiration, a guide helping to start learning to ski.

Writing the how-to ski book has been in a great but intense time, as I really wanted to focus on the things which help, without almost no blablabla.

I want to animate as many people as possible, learning to ski. It is a great sport, which connects people. Skiing is a sport happening in nature; it can be sunny and blue sky and snowy and windy. Usually, skiing happens during cold temperatures, and drinking a hot chocolate only tastes well after a good day out skiing. You should definitely experience that.

I hope you will enjoy the book, and I am already looking forward to reading your feedback.

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Credits: Nina Gigele