How to ski | Packing list for your next ski holiday

To begin with, you had a busy week and your ski holiday is ahead? In the long run, you don’t know what to pack? This is a packing list for your next ski holiday.

To summarize, the list will help you to pack smart for your next ski holiday. I assume that you won’t bring your ski equipment to your trip as this packing list includes all things which are easy to carry.

If you plan your next ski trip and you bring your own ski equipment, this article might not be relevant for you. Furthermore, it is important to know what to wear for your next ski holiday. Use the following packing list for your next ski holiday and you will be safe.

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The packing list for your next ski holiday

At this instant, I recommend renting skis, ski boots, and poles at the local ski shop. They usually provide the newest models. The skis get waxed every day, hence you will ski on perfectly prepared skis every morning.

What to take on a ski holiday can be crucial, especially when short on time and your ski weekend is just ahead.

The list

For skiing:

To point out it's important to wear waterproof ski jackets and ski trousers. First, the outfit keeps you warm, also during cold weather storms, second, it covers you in case of an accident.

The first thing to remember is always wearing a ski base layer and ski socks. I write that because of the underwear protects your body in case of an accident on snow. Additionally, it keeps you warm and helps to absorb sweat due to breathability. I suggest wearing ski socks which are put above the level of ski boots. They are more comfortable and compress your foot.

For the purpose of skiing long and intense, I suggest wearing a sports bra for all women out there.

The safety gear, ski helmets, ski goggles, gloves, beanie, and sunglasses are a must-have to be safe on the piste. Sunglasses are perfect for having an après-ski drink. If you don’t own the equipment, check out the latest trends. I recommend buying in the local shop at the ski resort, with this in mind they know the newest trends.

The sun cream is an essential piece you should never forget to put on your packing list for your next ski holiday. Put sun cream on every morning as the snow reflects the UV way higher than usual.

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For your safety:

The most compelling evidence is protections for your back and the rest of your body. The companies Komperdell (Austrian) or Sweet Protection (Norwegian) provide amazing protection to keep you safe while skiing. I suggest wearing a back protector.

All things considered when skiing its always good to carry a first-aid kit and cereal bars or something sweet in case you stop by an accident or need it for yourself.

Additionally, keep a map of the ski resort in your pockets and store the European emergency number 112 on your phone. Especially, if you are in an unfamiliar resort it helps to keep you safe and call an emergency in case you need it.

All in all, you will enjoy skiing and its local restaurants and huts you will find on your way. Don’t forget to bring cash as sometimes the smaller huts offer cash only.

For Après-Skiing:

By all means, the current situation due to COVID-19 it's not sure how the classic après-ski will look like the upcoming season. Although beside the classic way of Après-skiing, which you can find more details in the following blog post, there are many options for what to do after skiing.

What I love to do after skiing is definitely enjoying the spa in the hotel. Many hotels of the ski resorts offer spa. Therefore, always bring your swimwear. It's an essential piece when traveling for skiing.

Casual mountain wear:

Bring comfy jeans, winter shoes such as Inukii or Timberland, warm socks, a cozy outfit to enjoy the fireplace in the hotel. I always bring a warm coat and gloves to stroll through the mountain village.

Furthermore, don’t forget your toiletries such as shampoo, toothbrush, hairbrush, and so on.

You should also think about putting the following things to your packing list for your next ski holiday: camera, ID, wallet, charger, phone, AirPods, book, the game of cards, …

Find the packing list for your ski trip here:

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Finally, the how-to ski blog post including the packing list for your next ski holiday helps you to be organized. If you do have any suggestions leave me a comment.

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