How to ski | The 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter

The 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter

We are officially opening the winter season 2021/22 with the Alpine Ski Worldcup happening this upcoming weekend in Sölden, Austria.

I created the article How to ski; the 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter. It should help you find the right ski resort for your skier level. Austria is well known for its ski holidays as they provide excellent service and price.

For all ski beginners, read the article: The 10 best ski resorts in Austria for beginners. 

This autumn has been fabulous for ski professionals, as snow fell early and glaciers opened their doors. Sölden, Austria is one of its prestige ski resorts in Austria, primarily known for its excellent glacier skiing, incredible on-piste variety and lots of alpinism.

I already had one skiing day in Sölden – and the conditions were phenomenal. The snow was slightly soft on the top, and underneath the fresh snow, the snow conditions reinforced good technical skiing skills. 

Glacier ski resorts:

Early winter ski resorts:

Besides the glacier ski resorts I suggest the following:

These are my most favourite places, and that’s why I put them on my list – the 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter. I am happy to get feedback on and learn about your most favourite ski resorts now.

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