How to ski | intermediate skier – want to improve?

It's autumn, and it's been snowing a lot, perfect timing to improve skiing. Last weekend, the Alpine Ski World cup launched its first race in Sölden, Austria. I have been starting the ski season, as it's been fantastic skiing conditions up on the glaciers.


Improve skiing following the online ski course by Nina Gigele

I skied at the Solden Tiefenbach glacier on Saturday in perfect conditions, sun, blue sky, and fresh snow. We went skiing Pitztal glacier on Sunday, which was terrific. Anything else to add?

Not really, except you feel uncomfortable to go skiing? Problems with your skiing skills? I decided to help everyone who wants to learn to ski or improve their skiing skills.

Why, you might ask? Well, cos I got told that my skiing is elegant, efficient and energetic and I would like to share my knowledge about how to ski properly.

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My personal tips when skiing the first time of the season

When I am back on skis after the summer months I always warm-up and then take an easy ride on an easy slope. It is usually quite slow and I focus on my balance and feel.

I like to ski on perfectly prepared skis as it makes me feel more comfortable and secure. If you know you did not prepare your skis after the summer months and you go skiing the experience won’t be comparable.

Want to read more about tips to build up confidence? Read this.

improve skiing with Nina
Nina skiing in Solden

What to do next:

Start skiing using the following exercises to improve skiing on the first day:

  • Ski slowly and think about what your toes are doing
  • start slowly and get faster
  • ski long and short turns
  • What's your weaker turn? Left or Right?

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Additional tips to improve skiing:

  • follow someone who is skiing better than you
  • ski as much as possible
  • Use poles while skiing
  • ski with focusing on the outer-ski and slightly lift the inner ski
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