How to ski | My 4 tips to learn how to ski for beginners

 My 4 tips to learn how to ski for beginners

We are all hoping to have a great winter season this year. Last year, lots of people could not ski due to Covid. So now we are all eager and motivated to learn how to ski.

Skiing is not just a sport; it is a culture and a mindset. A skiers mindset. Your friends are posting amazing pictures during their ski holiday in the Alps. You get jealous and wish to join them the next time. It is time for you to learn how to ski.

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I am Nina Gigele, an Austrian certified ski instructor and ski guide based in the Alps. My 4 tips to learn how to ski for beginners will help you take the first steps.

Imagine standing on top of a mountain, the landscape covered by fresh snow; the sun shines. You are enjoying the view, observing the silence and breathing in the clear air. That’s what impresses me every day while skiing.

Learn how to ski | Tip 1 – Read the ski book

Your friends are passionate skiers, and you want to join them for the next ski trip, but you do not know anything about skiing. You wanted to learn how to ski for ages but never stepped out of your comfort zone to give skiing a try?

To give you an overview, I wrote a book for all ski beginners. It is free to download and will help you understand the first steps, resorts, insights and much more.

Get the how-to ski beginner book now

learn how to ski book
How to ski book written by Nina Gigele

Tip 2 – Be open to learning something new

It is never too late to learn something new—the same with learning skiing.

You learn for life and not on speed. That’s why you should trust yourself and commit that you can learn how to ski this winter. Skiing is a lifelong learning process. Every professional is working hard to keep on track in skiing. So why is skiing an intensive learning process?

Because skiing is a sport out in nature, the conditions of weather and snow are constantly changing. In addition, the technical aspects of skis, such as edges, bindings, and boots, are relevant factors and affect your performance on skis. But, of course, those are just a view reasons but great reasons to keep skiing and never stop to learn how to ski.

Tip 3 – Visit a snowdome or dry ski slope before you learn how to ski

We all know learning something new can be exhausting, especially the first two hours. To learn how to ski means getting used to walking and gripping the slope with the boots and edges of skis, knowing all the essential techniques to grasp, till you can use lifts and let gravity work to ski down a hill.

That’s why I suggest you try out snowdomes and dry slopes, which are pretty popular in the UK, Belgium and Netherlands.

Tip 4 – Learn how to ski from a professional

Many people would say go, rent some ski equipment and try it yourself, or a friend will show you how skiing works. Those steps definitely can be successful but only to a certain level because knowing the technical aspects of skiing are essential to grow as a skier and improve your skiing skills. Learning how to ski takes time, patience and a pleasing surrounding, helping to reach your next level in improvement.

Tip 5 – Why learn how to ski in autumn?

It is October 2021, and this is the perfect time to learn skiing at this time of the year. Autumn allows you to spend time improving your skiing skills without any hassle and stress.

The only open ski resorts are the Austrian glaciers: Stubaier Glacier, in Sölden, Kaunertal or Pitztal. These are fantastic glacier resorts to focus on your goal to learn how to ski.

The wide pistes on glaciers allow you not to get stressed from crowded pistes, fast skiers or steep and unexpected terrain. It feels like being in heaven, sliding down wide and perfectly groomed pistes. You get time to focus on yourself and the ski technique.

I suggest spending 3 – 5 days to focus on learning how to ski in autumn entirely. Then, you will thank yourself in winter when skiing with friends in crowded ski resorts. Furthermore, you will improve much faster when taking the next step with your coach or ski instructor.


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Learn how to ski with Nina’s online ski course

Note: Do not forget to take your time and invest in a professional ski instructor or ski coach who shows you skiing correctly.

In case you want to book a ski instructor I suggest you those ski schools:

They all provide excellent service, the founders are great ski instructors, and they are friends.


Given these points, this article should help you finally get out of your comfort zone and learn how to ski. Everybody has been a beginner; it’s time to change that now. Start skiing now, and you will never stop.

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