My morning routine for a healthy lifestyle

My morning routine for a healthy lifestyle – check yourself here? How can you adapt your morning routine that makes you happy?

Especially during CORONA and the fact you have to stay at home, the morning routine becomes even more essential and opens up a great chance to try out several opportunities. Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle during those days is key to a happy life. Check out my latest blogposts about healthy lifestyle during CORONA: 

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My morning routine for a healthy lifestyle 

6 am, and the alarm clock is ringing. Monday is here, and you do have trouble getting out of bed? It happened to me as well, and that’s why I created my morning routine. This article is focusing on my morning routine – check yourself here; Because my goal is to bring everybody to a level where the morning routine is something fun, healthy, and sustainable. The goal should be that the routine brings you towards a FLOW stage, where endorphins get released. You felt better and energized throughout the day.

The morning routine for a healthy lifestyle starts tonight! 

For starting a daily routine, you have to check yourself how you are going to spend the evening the day before. Analyze yourself now:

  • What are your habits from 6 pm till 10 pm?
  • What and when do you eat dinner?
  • When do you go to sleep?
  • What are your habits before you sleep?

These are trigger questions to analyze yourself about how you sleep, which is essential to be able to focus on a morning routine the next day. To get more details about calming down your racing mind before sleeping, check out my latest blog post about it:

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Try something new

If you are open to trying a new way, how to calm your racing mind, then check out my first mediation video. I made this video to focus on my evening process, and many people hassle to sleep in quickly.

What is my daily morning routine?  

It’s effortless, I needed ambition and perseverance, as it’s not easy to follow clear structures to follow one routine every morning. Although through my mental strength, I made it possible to keep doing my morning routine.

Are you open-minded to try something new, which changes your life?

I started slowly to change something in my sleeping and waking up process. I can tell it is a long and tough process to get where I wanted to be, but it’s worth that’s what I can say.

Change now – here I show you how to change? 

  • I went to bed without checking my Social Media on my Phone
  • I went to bed earlier.
  • I tried to get out of bed after the first time the alarm was ringing.
  • I started to do yoga for 5 min every morning and extended it to 20 min after a certain time. I extended it after I felt it was the right time to do so.

If you are still not sure if that’s going to work out, give it a try, and ideally adjust some habits. It is not only healthier but also motivation increases. I recently came across the article: TOP MORNING ROUTINES OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. Check it out to understand why I think the morning routine can change your life.

Get your free checklist here: 

German Version

English Version

My morning routine for a healthy lifestyle – PROCESS: 

  1. I wake up and try not to check my Phone immediately as I try not to get distracted.
  2. Avoiding reading on my Phone
  3. Focus on doing my YOGA routine to open up my hamstrings and get my circulation going
  4. Healthy Breakfast and Shower
  5. Ready to move mountains and start in the day satisfied and energized

Are you curious what I am eating, check out my blogpost about my most loved dish, Breakfast. 

Nina Gigele doing YOGA in Vienna

I hope you could get an inspiration to focus on your personal routine and make it to the best one. In order to stay fit, motivated and energised the morning routine I chose, helps me to be the best of myself.

Photocredits: Nina Gigele und Jakob Urwanisch

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