Austria: My most favourite hotels to ski in 2020

I am from Austria and I love skiing within the country. 

Many people asked where I am going to ski this winter season and if I do have some hotel tips. Here are my most favourite hotels to ski in 2020

As you probably know, Austria is vast, and there are a lot of different hotels to stay at, and I am sure all of them provide fantastic service and welcome you warmly. Although I chose some of the hotels, I already stayed in and experienced by myself. 

If you are curious about my favorite hotels on the Arlberg, then check my blogpost out. 

Here I focus on: 

Sölden | Waidring/Steinplatte | Obergurgl | Obertauern 

Hotel Tyrolerhof in Sölden, Austria

Did you ever hear about the Tyrolerhof? The village Sölden is right in the middle of the Ötztal Valley, and it is the entrance to a glacier resort. 

That’s the area where I have been starting my winter season for 2019/20 – to get further information, check out my latest blog post about it. If you are going to call them to book a room – tell them all the best from Nina 🙂 

Did you ever stay at the place called Steinplatte / Waidring? 

One year ago, I spent time with some friends during the Pre-Christmas weekend at the Alpegg Chalet in Waidring in Tirol. We arrived quite late on that day due to heavy snowstorms. They got a crazy amount of snow, which made us even more motivated to explore the Steinplatte resort. We loved it. The family who owns the Alpegg Chalet is super friendly, and how they focus on sustainability and healthy moments fits my values. Check out the awesome time for some inspiration. 

What about Obergurgl? 

Haus Gurgl – check out my blogpost: Best friends ski trip to Obergurgl 

Last season I spent fantastic days with my friend Simone in Obergurgl. We stayed at the hotel Haus Gurgl right in the center of Obergurgl. We had such a good time. The snow conditions were outstanding, and the hotel provided us with excellent food and a superb spa. Read more about the great time we had here. 

Did you ever experience Obertauern? Lürzer in Obertauern – Wochenende was tun? Obertauern? 

I also spend time in Obertauern last season, which I have been traveling to the past 4 years, I would say. I like it there. Check out my latest experience at the famous Lürzer Hotel and bars. 

To sum up 

All of the resorts I suggest are beautiful and are unique in their ways. The resorts are places with lots of snow around the season and great on and off-piste opportunities. The hotels I suggest are either chalet apartments or 4 + Star hotels. I know the people who run the different hotels, and I do think they all do provide fantastic service and welcome everybody warmly. The food is excellent in all places expect the Alpegg Chalet as they provide breakfast only. I am a breakfast lover, and all of the places are amazing in serving great food. 🙂 

I am proud to share my tips: Austria: My most favourite hotels to ski in 2020

Now it’s up to you to know which place you choose to stay.

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