Nina | Ski Outfit Trends 2022

The latest ski outfit trends 2022 are ready to check out as winter is coming. Everybody loves nice clothes for the ski season. So I did a bit of research to collect the best looking ski outfits for different disciplines.

I divide into the following categories when selecting the ski outfit trends 2022.

The categories I considered regarding ski outfit trends 2022:

  1. Customized Team Wear
  2. Outfits to wear on-piste
  3. Freeride and skitouring trends

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Customized Team Wear

As many of you might know, I have been in the industry for several years as I am intensely working together with ONYONE and JMP – two suppliers based in Japan and Poland. We do provide individual and customized products for ski schools, ski lifts, teams and brands. Customized team wear is vital to consider ski outfit trends 2022, as people like to be individual and personalize their style and mindset.

What to consider when looking for individual and customized ski wear:

  • Is the supplier able to produce small quantities at a fair price: Sometimes, they are focused on massive amounts and not made for B2C customers.
  • Where are the supplier coming from? Which means are they family-owned or a venture. In my case, I work with family companies because I prefer personal service and sustainable growth within the industry.
  • Does the supplier provide huge stock? What matters nowadays is definitely how sustainable companies work. In my opinion, it is relevant that the companies are eager to improve and understand how they can be environmental friendly in terms of production, technologies, delivery and customer service.
  • Personal service is crucial to work with somebody who cares about your needs, provides relevant updates, and helps regarding tips and directions you are heading to.

As an update, we are currently working on using recycled polyester compared to durability, colour resistance, and further combinations of technologies. So far, we are happy with our results in the testing process.

Check out the latest collection of ski outfit trends 2022 by ONYONE.


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ONYONE Image Campaign 21/22

Outfits to wear on-piste

I am an ex-ski racer which means I do like to ski on groomers. I bet you too? Especially in autumn, it just feels so good to track new pistes early in the morning. Building up that speed and gravity is special.

I collected a series of the “Must Have” ski outfit trends 2022.

What did I consider when selecting the best outfits:

  • I need to connect to the brand, owner and style
  • It should consider relevant technical aspects
  • I like light and qualitative products the most, which means quality is essential

Female ski wear – ski outfit trends 2022:


If you are looking for a unique dress for skiing – I suggest you check out Cordova. I have got two one-piece suits, and I love them. The fitting is phenomenal, and when I use these types of padded outfits, I want to have a warm and fancy looking jacket and pants.

Cordova ski wear trends
Wearing Cordova with Vanessa, Photo by Max Trattner


The swiss premium ski wear brand is known for its high-quality standards. I have been wearing Capranea for several years as they booked me as a model back then. I had the opportunity to shoot with them the past winter and thoroughly enjoyed the latest collection. What I highly suggest are the pants and the Vanta II jacket.


As you might have realized already, I do have a favour for thighs and fancy looking outfits. I do agree with that, as skiing should be more feminine. Sportalm is an Austrian based brand that provides excellent products with a focus on quality. If you like different styles, this is a brand to check out.


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Sportalm 2021/22


If you are looking for something more sportive because you feel this fits you better, I highly suggest checking out Odlo. I have been shooting for them the newest collection, and I got to test the outfits.

Male ski wear:


If your inspiration in skiing is focused on Reilly McGlashan, Paul Lorenz or Andreas Spettel, then you should wear the ONYONE ski line. The products are popular with professional skiers. So check their channels out – the skiing skills are excellent.

nicht vergleichbar

I suggest checking out Capranea, made with more fancy and style factors, and Peak Performance.

Finding the proper on-piste ski outfit trends 2022 for males can be pretty challenging. If you are not sure what to buy, check out Sport Schönherr. To my mind, this sports shop is excellent in selection, service and quality.

Ski Outfit Trends 2022 – let’s focus on Freeride and skitouring

We all love it, 9 am, standing on top of a peak, waiting to drop in, enjoying the fresh powder turns. YAY, this sounds epic, but honestly, it is super challenging to find the freeride ski outfit trends 2022, which also fits the ski touring sessions.

This article does not describe any ski touring outfits made for hiking up but not skiing down. I am a skiing down orientated ski touring person – that’s why I selected the outfit that looks fancy, is light and provides high qualitative standards.

The North Face

Last season I wore TNF, which I liked, but I think it’s more for snowboarders or people not skiing extreme. So what I suggest is the Summit Series for ski touring.


I have been skiing on Elevenate past two years, and I like it. I like it a lot. The products are light, durable, stylish and provide all that I need when in extreme situations.

Sweet Protection

What I am curious to find out how good the quality is, is Sweet Protection as I trust them in the topic of protection. I have never been wearing the ski shell outfit but considering trying it out.

Maloja – MALE ONLY

What I suggest for male freeride skiers is the entire freeride and ski touring collection by Maloja. I love the style and brand for guys, not for female skiers, though. 🙂


Pyua is a German brand, which focuses on sustainability throughout the entire life process. This attitude I do quite like a lot and find it interesting how they keep following their philosophy.

I like and find it relevant to consider my collection of brands when buying new winter sports clothes and carrying about ski outfit trends 2022.

Share your thoughts and most favourite outfits for this upcoming winter season 2022.

Note: As a side note, this article is only a personal suggestion and does not cooperate with any of the suggested brands.