Snowboard movie by Red Bull Austria, Clemens Millauer

Snowboard movie by Red Bull Austria, Clemens Millauer

One day I received a call from Erich, who asked me if I wanted to be part of a movie as a ski racer, and I said yes, sure. At that time, I did not know what was going to happen. In the end, I was part of a snowboard movie by Red Bull Austria, Clemens Millauer and myself called “Reverse”. Short on watch the movie – it’s been fun to be part of, and I like the idea of Clemens snowboarding uphill vs downhill. I am stoked about the excellent team mindset, the fantastic performance of Clemens and total positivity on set. You guys rocked it.

What was my role in the snowboard movie?

My role was kind of funny; I skied through a Giant Slalom, and after a view turns, Clemens passed me, and I got stopped as Clemens hit me with snow. Travelling to Flachau at the end of the season to ski through a Giant Slalom that Erich Flatscher created was exciting. The most challenging part was that Clemens was hanging on a helicopter’s rope to pass me on a specific gate. I needed to be in the proper skiing position on the correct gate at the right time. I got scared by the rope hitting me at the beginning. Although after several tests, I enjoyed it. It’s been a fun experience, and I had to focus on not failing at the meeting point.

We only had a certain amount of time covered for that shot. However, I am still impressed by the pilot who managed to fly with Clemens on a rope smoothly.

The performance of the entire team was unique and inspiring. Furthermore, being part of the Snowboard movie by Red Bull Austria, Clemens Millauer was astonishing.

Find the interview of Clemens here. 


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