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Life of a ski instructor | How to become a ski instructor?

Do you want to work in a ski school? In this blog article, I will tell you how to become a ski instructor in Austria. Be aware of the modifications in every country as the education and regulations for every level might differ. In Austria, there are certain levels of a ski instructor; the higher […]


How to ski | 5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor

5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor. They will not only teach you the right techniques and get you down the pistes safely. A ski instructor is your guide for the ski resort, friend and entertainer.


Austria: My favourite hotels to ski in 2022

I am from Austria, and I love skiing within the country.  Many people asked where I was going to ski this winter season and had some hotel tips. Here are my most favourite hotels to ski in 2022 As you probably know, Austria is vast, and there are a lot of different hotels to stay […]


How to ski | The 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter

The 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter We are officially opening the winter season 2021/22 with the Alpine Ski Worldcup happening this upcoming weekend in Sölden, Austria. I created the article How to ski; the 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter. It should help you find the right ski resort for your skier […]


Arlberg: The top 4 Female Ski Guides – Do you know them?

Did you ever book a female ski guide at the Arlberg? Or in general? I am sure there are a lot of excellent female ski guides, but not that many people know them. As I am a female ski guide, I think it is necessary to support each other, and that’s my intention to share […]

Back on skis – How to start the winter season

Are you ready for the winter and still looking for the right hotel during your ski trip? In the following article I share my highlights of the hotels in Austria.  Are you ready to be back on skis – How to start the winter season! Worldcup in Sölden happened the past weekend, and I thought […]