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The Austrian Way

The culture of skiing in Austria The Austrian Way of skiing everybody is curious about. When Barb, founder of the snow magazine: THE SNOW MAG asked me to share the story about my life as a ski instructor in Austria I was surprised, happy and nervous at the same time.  Snowmag is famous for its […]


How to ski | 5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor

5 reasons why you should book a ski instructor. They will not only teach you the right techniques and get you down the pistes safely. A ski instructor is your guide for the ski resort, friend and entertainer.


How to ski | The 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter

The 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter We are officially opening the winter season 2021/22 with the Alpine Ski Worldcup happening this upcoming weekend in Sölden, Austria. I created the article How to ski; the 5 best ski resorts in autumn and winter. It should help you find the right ski resort for your skier […]


How to ski | 5 ultimate nutrition tips for skiers

When you think about ski vacation, you smell the delicious food, Schnitzel, hot chocolate or other yummy dishes. But, unfortunately, the restaurants are closed, and that’s why the proper nutrition for skiers plays an even more critical role. Skiers burn during active skiing between 300 – 600 calories an hour. If you want to know […]