The Austrian Way

The culture of skiing in Austria

The Austrian Way of skiing everybody is curious about. When Barb, founder of the snow magazine: THE SNOW MAG asked me to share the story about my life as a ski instructor in Austria I was surprised, happy and nervous at the same time.  Snowmag is famous for its great stories and is well-known in the ski industry.

The magazine shares insights about the tradition and history of alpine skiing in Austria and compares the Bundy, Bundessportheim St. Christoph with Harvard and Yale – which brought me a smile while reading as I have been working and studying skiing at the Bundy.

But at the end of the day Professor Kruckenhauser said, “You have made me proud; they were so impressed. Thank you for a great performance!” Romagna sighs. “We were convinced this was the way the world has to ski.”

One quote was shared from the article.

Me and the Austrian way of skiing

I am proud that Barb cares about the women and asked where are all the women in that story about the Austrian ski way?

Barb deep dived into the history of skiing in Austria and found me. She was curious how I experienced the so called Bundy and the skiing history of Austria.

“I was eager to learn,” she says, “and I wanted to learn from
the best.”

Sharing my thoughts about skiing and why I went to the Bundessportheim St. Christoph.

Furthermore, it made me proud that thesnowmag did not forget about the women. There are a lot of great female skiers out there who need to be shared with the world.

READ the entire article – check it out now. 

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