3 Things I have learned as a female ski guide

Three things I have learned as a female ski guide 

For 5 years, I have been working as a ski guide at the Arlberg area, and so far, its been the best I ever experienced. I met so many different people whom all follow the same passion. Outdoor sports. Waking up in the morning and putting on my ski boots and walking through the little village in the alps, the roofs covered by snow, it is phenomenal. Getting a cappuccino from a warm little wooden place called Brotlädele before rocking the on or off-pistes is what I like the most. 

Since the winter season already started, I’d like to share my personal 3 things I have learned as a female ski guide, as I have been skiing with different people from all over the world, and every day is a new opportunity to learn and improve myself. Therefore I’d like to share my 3 learnings from my work as a female ski guide.

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3 things I have learned as a female ski guide

  • Less is more 

At the beginning of my career as a ski guide, I always thought I need to show the best and sickest runs all on one day. I had the feeling that if I don’t show my clients the entire ski area on one day, they won’t be happy. Although I experienced the opposite, as one day, I did a ski tour with super motivated skiers, which was too long and too extreme. Thanks to them, they told me afterward that they would have liked to do something more relaxing. It was one of my biggest learnings not to overestimate one day. 

  • Patience

The experience I just explained is also a reason why I understood that patience, especially with clients, is one of the essential vital goals in my job as a ski guide. Over the past years, I understood that it’s not about going higher, longer, or more extreme – it is more about the experience and the time we spent together. Nowadays, I am way more patient than I have been as an athlete. 

  • Adaptability and compelling consequence 

I understood throughout the years that sometimes I plan a tour, which seems to be the right thing for the day, but unexpected happenings are changing the daily plans. I do have a plan A every morning, but I also do provide plan B or C just in case something happens. Although at some points, especially when I am in open terrain, I do follow my rules, and if people don’t follow them, then I follow my compelling consequences. I am not a strict person, and it is more about the correct behavior when being off-piste, due to safety reasons and potential high avalanche risks. 

Those are three learnings from being a female ski guide. I would say that I am super excited for the upcoming winter season, and I am open to learn and improve more. 

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