My grandparents are role models. 

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One take away from the beginning to spend time with my grandparents already is one of the essential lifetime tips, as these insights are vital learnings.

I know it’s occasional to be able to hang out with grandparents, especially all four of them are between 76 and 91 years old but still super fit, healthy, and the most important thing they are happy and thankful every single day. That is one of the 4-lifetime tips, that’s for sure. Keep it in mind!

The simple things make me satisfied, and that’s what I wanted to share with you. 

Lots of time to think and enjoy every moment. Especially after spending time with every single individual, I started understanding their view of life. The last days I was thinking a lot about how much I have learned from them the past days compared to spending years of studying and exploring. I am a person who likes minimalism, easiness, and freedom, but after the intense time I spent with my grandparents, tears were rolling down my cheeks as I never thought it would take that long that I finally understand the essential things are much closer as I thought they are. It was an eye-opener, even if I knew the importance of every tip they gave me.

My personal 4 LIFETIME TIPS:


I found my very first Edelweiss with my Granddad by the age of 2, and I still remember that experience as it was something rare and exceptional for a kid grown up in the alps. Last week I had time to spend a day with my Granddad (81), and he introduced me to his secret spots to find blueberries. We have been hiking for about 2.5 h and had so much fun. I talked about how exciting blueberries grow and how delicious they taste. 

The most impressive point of view was his consciousness of being in the mountains, the calmness of being just with nature and finding time for yourself; it impressed me because while I was collecting blueberries, I was thinking of how this exercise was calming me down. I still could not believe that with the age of 81, he is grounded and satisfied with himself, his life, and totally in the center. He found his soul and mind. Goal to find that too. 

My granddad is collecting blueberries

Keep things simple and try it out. 

Watching my grandma (81) cooking is something outstanding. Grown-up during the war, she made her way to become a chef and traveled over the border, where she met my granddad. She was wearing a red “Dirndl” as my granddad sometimes dreams about their first meeting. 

Since I was 16 years old, I was dreaming of being able to cook all the dishes my grandma was making over the years. I asked her to become my teacher in learning lots of different meals. One summer, I spend almost the entire school holidays to learn from her. So much fun and passion she showed me. I was impressed. 

A couple of days ago, I finally made it to help her cooking for lunch again, and it reminded me how difficult it was to write down her receipts as she was saying that she needs a little bit of this and that, and that’s it. 

When I tried it, it never worked. 

Watching her passion by the age of 81 was impressive, as it’s still super simple and easy. She had no complications or anything which could bring her out of her direction. She is clear in her mind and follows her mindset and understanding. It was good to follow and observe her energy, as I forgot how simple it could sometimes be. My key takeaways are her motivation to try new things out and the mindset of do it!

My grandparents talking about their life.
My granddad is hunting for animals.


91 years young and still ready for some jokes. 80 years ago, he was walking with his animals to the mountain meadows over 40 km and over 1000 m of altitude. He is still a passionate farmer, and the only thing he is thinking about is his animals.

A couple of months ago, he had a big injury, and that can sometimes mean bad results for older people, not for my granddad – he managed to come back stronger. He is rewarding that he is getting fitter every day to build up his muscles because his goal is to make it up the long way (by car) to collect the cheese and butter from his cows finally, what he was doing for 80 years every year. What a calm mindset? He is thankful to everyone and everything. 

What an inspiration to be just thankful about who you are, what you are, and how you are.

My granddad at Flieger Stieralpe, getting fresh cheese.
Fresh butter.

Never giving up 

Are you dreaming of your own business? Lots of people launch their startup. My grandma started her business 40 years ago, who loves what she is doing. It keeps her young. She managed to become digital, even by the age of 76. 

She is a person who never gave up since she had to work as a teenager to support her 13 siblings and the family. A power woman we would say today, and I do say that too. I helped her to update her website.

She is still renting out her apartments in the heart of the Stubai Alps in Tirol. The place is magical, so much heart and passion you can feel whenever you enter the house. This power, especially the long-lasting power over decades, inspire mean and support me never to give up. I think it is a relevant tip for daily life, and it’s helpful just to read it as a reminder.

My grandma enjoying life.

Sharing 4-lifetime tips from my grandparents is something exceptional and mind-blowing for me. I hope you can connect, and I am excited to read your stories about how your grandparents inspired you. 

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