How to ski | Tips to build confidence on skis

Shivering, shaking, and feeling qualmish in your tummy – all sensations experienced when learning how to ski. One of those little humanly touches that make life more exciting and steps of personal growth meaning. And even though we are kind to ourselves and allow those feelings we rather build confidence in what we do. Eventually, we want to ski like a pro. Our intention is to be good at whatever we put our effort into. And that's the right mindset! Question is, whether confidence has to come by itself, or are there any tips to build confidence on skis?

In this article, we want to give you all our personal tips to build your confidence on skis, because we love motivated beginners with such spirit. We know you can get confident easily and rock the pistes!

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Tips to build your confidence on skis | Tip 1

Book a ski instructor

Having an expert on your side always gives you a feeling of being safe. Ski instructors teach you how to ski step by step. There should be no moment in which you'll be overwhelmed by the sub-goal you have to achieve. All the little successes you will experience in the learning process will make you crave more. Your motivation empowers you to take bolder steps and before you know it, you'll be able to ski confidently.

Furthermore, ski instructors not only teach you how to ski but also how to stay safe on-piste, which will build your confidence on skis. However, you'll learn how to overcome challenging parts, how to break, and how to stand in steep slopes. All these skills are like a toolkit for you to feel safe and strong. You can be sure to overcome anything that might have scared you in the beginning.

Tip 2

Warm-up and check your ski equipment

As mentioned before, nervousness belongs to a learning process like ski googles to a ski helmet. And learning how to ski can sound scary in the beginning. But overcoming fear is power and creates confidence. Besides, this does not mean you cannot do anything to destabilize your fear and you simply have to overcome it – jump or run. No, you can help yourself by checking your ski equipment and warming up. That's a perfect way to ensure that you are safe. Even if you fall in the beginning, you are prepared well and protected from any danger. By warming up for example you mentally prepare for skiing and prevent your body from injuries. And being equipped well will make you feel ready to do anything you put your mind to. Likewise, we build confidence on skis as a ski beginner.

Tip 3

Mindset is everything

Learning how to ski from scratch can create fear we know, but fear is the enemy of confidence after all. In fact, if we break it down, it is all just in our heads, almost meaningless, simply vincible. Two common tips on how to defeat your inner demon called fear are to: visualize and focus. Visualize yourself being comfortable skiing. Imagine how it will feel, look, smell, and taste like standing on your skis going down a piste. Your imagination does not need to match reality (how could you know as a beginner after all) but it will prepare your mind for what's about to come.

When you are on the piste focus on where you want to go. What is it you want to do? Make a step on the steep slope? Glide a short distance? Only focus on the next step and believe that you can. Let your fear step aside, keep it out of your focus.

Tip 4

Ski as much as possible

Skiing is a variable activity. Weather and snow conditions make it necessary to adjust your skiing style every day. You'll see that confidence on skis depends on practice. Therefore, we suggest you to ski as much as possible. No matter what weather. Skiing on snowy days is just as much fun as it is on a sunny one and slope by slope you'll get better. After all, nature is the best teacher.

Nina on Rossignol Freeride Skis
Tips to build confidence on skis | Ski no matter what weather

Tips to build your confidence on skis: To sum up

Skiing is more fun with confidence. Confidence to ski like a beginner, to learn something new. Courage to sometimes fail and to get up again. Confidence to glow in the snow. Basically confidence means believing in yourself. You can learn something new. You can learn how to ski. That's for sure! We guarantee it. And with these tips, you'll be able to do it confidently.

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