Top 4 hotel tips at the Arlberg in 2022

My top 4 hotel tips at the Arlberg in 2022

Arlberg is one of the most beautiful places to ski and enjoy the legendary scenery. However, as a ski instructor and ski guide living in the heart of the alps, I do prefer high qualitative services. Therefore I share my top 4 hotel tips at the Arlberg in 2022.

The ski resort is enormous, and therefore it can be pretty challenging to find the right area and hotel. 

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Inside the Arlberg by Nina Gigele

Since the connection through a beautiful gondola from St Anton to Zürs and then further the connection from Lech to Warth, there are lots of KM to ski, and I know it won’t get boring. 🙂 The area is well connected, which offers everyone lots of opportunities. 

If you want to get the latest news and updates of the area, they created an app called Ski Arlberg. The app provides you with the latest weather updates, snow conditions, routes, and much more. I have been exploring different hotels throughout the past years, and as many people ask me about my hotel suggestions at the Arlberg, I chose my three favourite hotels. I collected from every area one, to show you the difference between the places. 

Top 4 hotel tips at the Arlberg in 2022: Mooser Hotel, St Anton | Hotel Schmelzhof, Lech | Der Berghof, Lech | Rote Wand, Zug


The Ski-In and Ski-Out Boutique hotel: Mooser Hotel


  • great rooms 
  • fantastic view while having breakfast 
  • wonderful spa moments 
  • Ski-in and Ski Out
  • Romantic Dinner with a phenomenal scenery

I recently stayed in the Mooser Hotel, located just behind the world-famous Mooserwirt in St Anton am Arlberg. The beautiful boutique hotel made my stay incredible. Stunning moments ahead. The Mooser Hotel offers the “SKI-IN and SKI-OUT “opportunity as the piste towards the Galzig Bahn passes the hotel.


I am glad to introduce you to the so-called Boutique Hotel Schmelzhof


  • It is only 5 min walk to the ski lift
  • The cross country route starts right next to the hotel 
  • I love the unique interior 
  • Gittis Esszimmer is the restaurant located in the hotel – it is fabulous, and a “MUST-EAT” in Lech am Arlberg 
  • I love to meet the owner and make friends  

When I was walking into the hotel, I felt welcomed warmly by Gitti and Robert. For me, this place is a boutique hotel as it’s cory and individual. The rooms are excellent; especially the huge bed made me feel like a princess when waking up. 

I enjoyed meeting the owner and got offered some drinks at the hotel bar called “The blue bar”. Arthur, the son of Gitti and Robert, is the bartender and creates lovely cocktails. It felt like being home, and that’s what I do appreciate. 




The hotel is called Gourmet Gourmethotel Rote Wand in Zug am Arlberg.


  • Love the building 
  • The location of the hotel is super romantic 
  • Cozy outdoor pool 
  • besides skiing, the cross country route starts next to the hotel 
  • incredible dinner including the famous CHEF’s TABLE 

This little town is one of the most beautiful ones, as the scenery is idyllic and unique. There are just a few buildings, and you pass the village when skiing the WEISSE RING around LECH and ZÜRS. 

The facade of the hotel looked old and very traditional, the building next to the church, surrounded by alpine mountains, caught my eyes. 

The hotel is called Gourmet Gourmethotel Rote Wand in Zug am Arlberg. This place is magical. When I was the first time walking through the doors, I got warmly welcomed by the owner and staff. I could feel the warmth and heartiness of the family. 

RESTAURANT TIP: What I suggest is to explore the CHEF’s TABLE managed by chef Max Natmessing


In the heart of Lech am Arlberg there is the beautiful hotel called Der Berghof


  • beautiful rooms, including a fantastic terrace right next to the ski lift
  • healthy breakfast including freshly squeezed smoothies 
  • the hotel locates centrally of Lech  
  • lovely welcome package in the hotel room

I had a wonderful day of skiing, including heliskiing around the Arlberg. It was the perfect day to be outside, fantastic weather, and excellent snow conditions. We ended up having a late lunch and enjoyed the last hours in the sun. I made my way straight to the hotel. The plan was to party in Lech as it was almost the end of the season, and lots of different parties were going on. 🙂

TO SUM UP – Top 4 hotel tips at the Arlberg in 2022

Those are my most favorite hotel suggestions at the Arlberg for 2019/20, and I am sure more are coming as there are plenty of opportunities. I hope it supports you in terms of decision making where you are going to stay.

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Photo credits: Nina Gigele


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