How to ski | What is ski underwear and why it is better than lingerie

Wait; what? There is something like ski underwear?

What the hell is that? Do I need it? Dear lovebirds and singles out there, you really should forget about your lingerie from home when skiing. Not just because of functional reasons but also because you will love your ski underwear – see why in the direct comparison: Sexy lingerie vs. ski underwear. What is ski underwear and why it is better than lingerie? It will show you what ski underwear is and why it is better than lingerie.

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Ready to ski this winter with or without ski clothes? | Nina is wearing SNUXE

What does ski underwear look like?

First – before we start comparing anything – we should clarify all our beloved ski beginners what ski underwear is. Ski underwear is a set of clothing you wear underneath your ski outfit. It warms you on parts that need to be protected carefully (e.g. your kidneys) and lets your body breathe on other details (e.g. armpits). Ski underwear consists of several components:

  • A pair of knee-long pants
  • A long-sleeved shirt
  • Ski socks

Ski underwear is the first set of clothing you put on before you get ready to ski. The only thing you wear underneath should be a sports bra and panties. It is the piece of ski equipment that hugs your body and touches your skin. That’s why it is something very personal and differs for every person – just like we all have different types of skin. The material is everything here.

Natural materials

A very famous expression in ski underwear is Merino wool, which is a unique yarn coming from a sheep called the Merino sheep. This material is renowned for its unique character of cooling when you are too hot but heating when you are too cold. Luckily, Merino wool is also one of the magical thread that does not scratch and bite. Furthermore, it does not smell when you sweat. Anyhow, ski underwear made out of wool is comfy and practical to use.

The natural materials certainly do their job, but you have to be the type for wool. Some people react allergically to such raw materials, and others who sweat a lot get colder earlier because natural materials become wet way faster and take longer to dry. Still, this soft material insulates you entirely, even under wet circumstances.

Synthetic materials

Other ski underwear usually is made out of synthetic materials like polyester, fleece, or polypropylene. These materials stay dry much longer, are very robust, and remain in form. Problematic might be the smell. In contact with sweat, many synthetics produce an unpleasant odor, even though modern techniques should work on these problems.

Combination of natural and synthetic materials

As always, teamwork is the best. Also, materials that work together give us the best results because they combine the advantages of them both. Most of the time, the connection appears in layering: the natural material outside and inside fabric made out of the dry synthetic material.

What’s more comfortable?

Sexy lingerie vs. Ski underwear

Yes, I know this should not be too hard to answer the question of comfort. Sexy lingerie is hardly ever comfortable, but even your regular underwear does not come close to the comfort ski underwear spoils us. Ski underwear might be like an outfit and fits very tight on your skin, but it keeps you warm, and the mixture of freedom in motion and tightness is fascinating. Ski underwear is very soft and does not feel like regular sport-tights.

The thing about comfort is that there is no way regular underwear would do your body justice on a ski day. On ski days, you are active and sweat but also have to deal with the cold. If you do not wear ski underwear, you miss a whole layer that protects you from the cold. Honestly, we do not want to imagine wearing ski trousers without ski underwear – this makes us shiver.

What provides you with better Functionality

Sexy lingerie vs. Ski underwear

Now you might think: “Ok, then I’ll wear something else instead, like tights and a long-sleeved sweater I have at home.” It might sound reasonable at first, but tights and regular sweatshirts do not come close to the sophisticated solutions ski underwear is made of. You need to understand that standard fabrics like cotton become wet very fast when you sweat. And even though the additional layers protect you from wind and weather, you’ll still get colder ten times more quickly, and it feels gross.

Professional ski underwear is breathable and made for the changing needs of cooling and heating. Moreover, it knows which body parts need to stay warm and need to be able to transport the body heat outside. Our skin needs to breathe under all the layers of protection, and every layer should transport the steam outside so that we do not get wet or cold out. Those technical functions don’t exist in the design process of simple tights or sweaters.

Nina wearing Merino wool after a long ski day made by Mons Royale

Summary of what is ski underwear and why it is better than lingerie | How to ski

Believe us in the case of skiing, and ski underwear is a hundred times sexier than lingerie. It looks good, somehow like an agent’s bodysuit. You won’t be a Victoria Secret Angel, but maybe you’ll feel like one of Charlie’s Angels. 🙂 Anyhow, it will make you feel good, let your skin breathe, and keep you warm. Ski underwear is highly functional and an essential part of ski clothing. When investing in one, we suggest you try it on and see how the material feels on your skin and that it fits tightly on your skin (ski underwear does not work when the fitting is losing).

The bottom line is that ski underwear wins in all categories and cannot be compared with regular underwear or lingerie. If you are about to wear such sexy pieces of clothing, do so for after skiing activities.

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