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The article YOGA FOR SKIERS is focusing on how to use YOGA to help to improve your skills in skiing.

I do like yoga for a couple of years as I started it during my back issues, and I never really stopped since then. 

I went to classes when I was living in NZ, and it became an essential part of my daily routine. I read lots of books and articles about it and got inspired by several YOGI’s on YOUTUBE. 

As a skier, I always remember that individual groups of muscles got extraordinarily stressed, and coaches always claimed to stretch. Although I never had the feeling, it helped me to lose the tone in my muscles. 

For a couple of months, I implemented the YOGA in my Morning Routine. My morning routine is essential for me as it helps me to start the day effectively. Do you need any inspiration or a checklist to change your morning routine – then find everything in the following blogpost: My morning Routine – Check yourself here. 


Yoga is essential for my body strength and flexibility. I have improved my mobility through yoga throughout the years, and nowadays, I feel the difference when I am not able to follow my yoga routine. 

Yoga brings more quality of living in my life. I also have to focus 100 % on my movements when I do my yoga workout. I am in the here and now and don’t care about negative things happening around me. Even if I find 5 minutes to focus on myself entirely, and it brings me a sort of a healthy mindset. I do follow the attitude that 5 minutes are even more than nothing. So, in that case, if you think 5 minutes are too short to do a yoga session or a workout – test it and make a routine out of it every day. You improve your quality of living. Your mindset changes, and you feel energized and power in your body and brain.

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Breathing – slow and constant breathing (Inhale and Exhale Slooooow)

Essential in the breathing is when you exhale and inhale.

Want to know more about your breathing – check this out: Simple Breathing Technique for instant Savasana like feels. 

Body Strength 

Always tense the abdominal and gluteal muscles to get a better result of your yoga practice. 


Always practice both sides and take your time to focus on the exercises entirely. 

Consistency + REPEAT 

Even if you don’t feel any changes after a couple of tryouts – never give up. It takes time and patience to get the result you want. Yoga moves happen continually, precisely, and in slow motions. It’s all about FOCUS and PATIENCE. 

Prevention of Injuries 

I see yoga as a core of my general workout and sports routine. Through yoga, I build up my abdominal and gluteal strength and prevent my body from any injures while skiing extreme terrain. I get entirely comfortable when skiing and don’t need to be scared of potential injuries. 


For me, the key is to bring consistency in my life, and therefore I try to follow my yoga routine in the morning right after I woke up and brushed my teeth. It enables me an active and focused start of the day. Eventually, I start my work or anything else I have to do during the day more energized, and usually, I do have the feeling I perform much better throughout the day. 

My body gets warmed up and has a perfect start into the day. 

Although I won’t tell you that you only should do it in the morning, do it whenever and wherever it feels right for you. 

Check out the exercises here:


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